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Vedoom is Awesome

Vedoom is the solution to many problems you often find in your inbox. Vedoom protects you from spam. No more annoying ads because you can disable them very easily. Also, you often have to worry if the link in the mail might be a virus. However, Vedoom doesn't give viruses a chance, since you can have over 100 different virus programs check your mails all at once. With Vedoom, you can also communicate quickly and easily via a messanger.

A cloud is being planned as the next project. A cloud that allows fast and easy uploading and downloading of files. You can also use it to share videos with friends, acquaintances or the world. Who knows what the future will bring. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to every suggestion and wish we can fulfill.

The Team

The team consists of 5 team members in the foundation. Our Founder (Alex Volkmann) who founded the whole company and is responsible for everything and the reason for the successful development of the company. The Co-Founder (Saitama) is by far the best right hand that a Founder can have. The security guard () is a picture-perfect guard that no one can get past. The professor (Sergio Marquina) is responsible for the plans and always has a plan B. The intern (Sasuke Uchiha) is responsible for the dirty work and does what an apprentice has to do.


The founder Alex Volkmann is 21 years old and born in Berlin. He successfully completed his bachelor's in Business Informatics at the TH-Brandenburg. He is one of the smartest, funniest and best looking founders in the world. It is only a matter of time when he will enter the list of the richest people. Every employee is honored to work for him.


Saitama, is a bald-headed 25-year-old man who is bored of fighting because he is effortlessly able to defeat enemies with a single punch. His abilities mainly consist of physical abilities magnified to an immeasurable degree: strength is the true power of Saitama, with speed, stamina, and durability being mere side powers. He attributes this to a daily training regimen (100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, a 10 km run, eating healthy food, and not using the air conditioner or heater to reinforce his mental fortitude).


Peter Benjamin Parker aka Spider-Man is a superhero in Vedoom. He owes his superpowers to a spider bite, in which the foreign DNA was transferred to his own. Since then, he has spider-typical properties that he uses to fight crime. When he became an adult, he decided to join our company.

The professor

The professor Mergio Sarquina is the developer of the plan for success for Vedoom, which is to become the biggest in history. He tells his eight dedicated team colleagues not to build up too close a relationship with each other. But he himself, under the alias Salvador Martín, seeks contact with Inspector Raquel Murillo and quickly discovers how fascinating he finds her.


Uasuke Schiha is one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha clan. He is twelve years old and top of his class at the Trainee Academy. He is aloof and avoids intense emotional contact with others. Nevertheless, he wants to become the best trainee in the world.